Featured Prints

  • Liberty Bridge Summer Falls

    An idyllic Summer afternoon in Greenville's Falls Park

  • Greenville's New Year 2020

    This shot was is actually a top down excision from a 360 degree panoramic image taken a few days before we stepped into the next decade. It's a bit over the top in color and presentation, but I liked this interpretation of the shot better than any others.

  • Furman Reflecting Pool

    This Fall shot of the James Buchanan Duke Library at Furman University was captured during one of the rare periods when the front fountains were off. The almost entirely windless day created a nearly perfect reflecting pool in front of the library.

  • Reedy River High

    This was taken the morning after a solid week of rain fell in the area. The normally sedate Reedy was flowing much more quickly, and in a far greater volume than usual. Having photographed the Falls hundreds of times over the years, it was a little scary seeing them this way up close. Definitely wouldn't want to get caught up in the current. With that said, later that day a guy went over the falls in a kayak, and seemed to be no worse for wear.

  • Embassy Mural

    This is a view you can only get from certain rooms in the Embassy Suites Hotel, the rooftop bar, or in this case the air. I chose to make everything except the amazing rooftop mural black and white to make the colors pop. I'd love to see more buildings in the city adopt similar rooftop projects. It makes for a much more interesting landscape when looking down.

  • Sunset over Sassafras Mountain Overlook

    Sassafras Mountain is the highest point in South Carolina. The construction of an overlook befitting such a destination was completed in 2019. We were fortunate enough to capture this view after driving through intermittent rain on the way up to the summit. This cleared up, and the sun put on a great show.

  • Summer Watershed

    The Table Rock Reservoir is one of main sources of the city of Greenville's water supply. The reservoir is a 9,000 acre man-made lake created in 1930. This particular view is only attainable from an aerial perspective, but the entire reservoir can be seen in a spectacular spread from the summit of Table Rock itself.

  • In the Table's Shadow

    Another angle on Table Rock and its close neighbor, Stool Mountain. This view can be seen from Highway 11 as you approach the entrance the Table Rock State Park.

  • Bell Tower Refections

    This shot of the iconic Furman bell tower was taken in Summer of '18. We had a solid week of amazing cloud formations in the day followed by often spectacular sunsets. This image captures the passing clouds reflecting in Furman Lake, with a tree covered Paris Mountain in the background.